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It used to be that every man needed to learn to fish and barbeque steaks and women were expected to learn to sew and bake pies, but those ancient days of separate roles are over. Today's modern adults should share the same set of core skills that are key for anyone to learn. These abilities will come in handy throughout life and having them mastered means that you can fit into any situation and hold your own. These top life skills are ones that everyone should know how to do:

Serve a great cocktail - When hosting friends it's important to know how make at least one really good cocktail that you can serve. It might be great margaritas, killer martinis, or the perfect old fashioned. No matter what it is, find a drink and make it your specialty so you always have something that you can serve to guests. Equally important is knowing how to open a bottle of champagne and properly pour a beer. These little skills will go a long way in making you into the perfect host whenever anyone comes to visit or when you find yourself out at a party.

Play a hand of poker - You don't need read more to be a gambling aficionado or know how to play every game at the casino, but knowing how to play poker is a great skill for anyone to have. Whether you're playing poker at a Bay area casino or taking part in an impromptu tournament with friends, you don't want to be the only person at the table who doesn't know the rules or how to play this timeless game.

Make one great meal - Not everyone is a good cook or enjoys doing it. Today, more and more people are too busy to bother cooking and take out or ready-made meals are increasingly popular. Even without being trained as a chef, anyone can master one great meal that they can make for themselves or for guests when the need arises. Your signature meal could be as simple as scrambled eggs or spaghetti, or perhaps you've perfected the pot roast or can make amazing tacos. Whatever it is, find something that you love to eat, that you often have the ingredients for, and that you can whip up at a moment's notice when it's time to entertain guests.

Use the GPS on your phone - There's no excuse for being late because you were lost. There's also no reason for the clich example of men never wanting to ask for directions. In todays modern, smart-phone obsessed world, everyone has a GPS app or map tool on their phone. Without waiting until you're already lost or late, experiment with your phones GPS to learn how to use it, how to set your destination, and how to access the directions while you drive.

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